Everything will be fine! or Chapik’s birthday adventures

a kind and educational story written by a real kindergarten teacher

Chapik is a story about a baby penguin looking for his mother, which will take your child on an amazing adventure through a magical frozen land. The story takes place in a fictional land of "New Beringia". Along the way you will meet unique and relatable characters and learn fundamental human qualities such as courage, kindness, being respectful to others, honesty, and more. 

It all starts in a village of Penguinia, where a little penguin called Chapik lives with his mom. On the morning of his birthday, Chapik finds a note from his mom telling him that she went to pick up his gift and will be back soon. Meanwhile a huge blizzard started to form outside and his mom wasn't back yet. Chapik starts to worry and decides to venture out to find her. He is scared, cold, little and lonely but he still finds courage to look for his mom. During his quest, Chapik meets various characters (some are more helpful than others). He also learns that he is brave, determined and caring and always ready to help anyone he loves dearly.

My Story

Hello! I am Tanya Joy. I live in the Bronx, NY and work in a preschool in Manhattan. As you can tell by my name I love bringing joy and teaching kids, which I've been doing for over 30 years & counting. I pride myself in dedicating my time to child development and providing quality education. Over a year ago I decided to start writing, and now I'm happy to share my first book about the cutest penguin you will ever meet called Chapik. The story and characters are all original and came to me very naturally as if all of my teaching experience manifested itself in a book. I hope you and your children enjoy, learn from and be inspired by Chapik and his adventures & a positive message we all need during these difficult times! Thank you so much for your support.

Feel free to say"hi" at [email protected]

Chapik is different


About the author

Chapik is written by Tanya Joy, who started her career as a kindergarten teacher with over 30 years of experience educating preschoolers. In her book, Tanya uses all of her valuable experience to create adorable characters that younger audiences identify with. Her book teaches children fundamental human qualities and how to be a better person.

About the illustrator

Bojana Stojanovic is an award winning illustrator. She found her calling in children’s publishing and has illustrated numerous books for young readers. Bojana’s art is inspired by nature and the animal kingdom. She loves to draw adorable creatures that are able to tell a story at first glance.